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The PABLO®  forms part of the Tyromotion range of technology-based therapeutic rehabilitation devices. 

The PABLO® Hand sensor is a real allrounder: hand-arm-therapy and assessment device in one, the PABLO® does not just facilitate the training of all grip forms of the hand; the built-in sensors also track the grip force and range of motion. Thanks to the cross-system tyroS software, the PABLO® offers interactive motion training with audio-visual feedback. 

How does it work?  

PABLO® is a sensor-based device for upper and lower limb assessments and therapy, using games on a PC to retrain functional movements. The sensors can be used on any of the PABLO® devices – multiball, multiboard or handsensor. They can also be used on body parts to allow limb movements to control the games on the screen.

Who can benefit from using it?

Clients who need to strengthen and retrain the upper limb following neurological injury such as stroke, head injury or spinal cord injury.

What services do Hobbs offer?

The PABLO® is available at Hobbs Bristol as part of the intensive Upper Limb Service.  

The device forms part of the rehabilitation programme for upper limb weakness. It is usually used in conjunction with conventional upper limb Neurophysiotherapy rather than in isolation. It is often used in partnership with other Tyromotion devices – AMADEO®, TYMO® and DIEGO®.

There is also a PABLO® device at Hobbs Winchester

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