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Walking and Lower Limb Alignment

As a parent or guardian, you may have concerns about the appearance of your child’s lower limb alignment or gait (walking) pattern, questioning whether this is part of their normal development or whether something else is needed to help your child. 
Common concerns are in-toeing, out-toeing, knock knees, tiptoe walking and flat feet.

Fortunately, in most cases the variations are entirely normal and can be observed at the different stages of the developmental path. For others an early assessment can be extremely valuable in identifying a need for advice, further investigation, or physiotherapy management. 

At Hobbs Rehabilitation our Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapists can offer a thorough assessment, listening to your concerns, examining your child’s movement and gait and identifying the best course of action, be this the reassurance that all is well, providing advice on supporting your child’s development, specific physiotherapy intervention or putting in place an onward referral to another service, such as your GP, an Orthotist or Paediatrician.  

John Florence Ltd hold a number of orthotics clinics across the South of England and in London. Their Winchester clinic is located at Hobbs Winchester. We have all the facilities needed to assess, cast, measure, and review both children and adults for lower-limb, upper-limb and spinal orthotic solutions. 

Your Hobbs Rehabilitation physiotherapist or occupational therapist can refer you for orthoses and we will work together with the orthotist to achieve the outcomes desired. You may also refer yourself or your child to our service for our orthotics service for their clinical opinion.

John Florence Ltd hold regular clinics at their Winchester base. Appointments can be arranged by contacting their clinical support  team by phone +44 (0) 1273 486600 or by email to info@johnflorence.com.

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