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“ Helen Hobbs and her team were an integral part of my rehabilitation, and Road to Rio, from a horrible fall that left me in an induced coma. The speed of my recovery was only possible through the support of Helen and her team, and the confidence that their advice gave me helped me push forward and be part of team GB at the Rio Olympics.

William Fox-Pitt

“ Helen and her team were a beacon in a very difficult time supporting William’s repatriation from France, and me in managing the best medical support for William’s rehab.  The Hobbs team were there for us both physically, mentally and also for occupational therapy making it possible for William to be home with his family much sooner than would normally be the case.  We will always be grateful for everything they did for us as a family, and it is amazing that such brain injury specific support is available in this country.

Alice Fox-Pitt

Hoorah for Hobbs! I have no hesitation in recommending Hobbs Rehab. The young, enthusiastic therapists are well qualified professionals. The gym and its surroundings are most congenial and the atmosphere is cheerful and friendly. There is a spacious level car park. Personally I look forward to my therapy sessions each week because afterwards I leave feeling so much more alert and positive.

Inga Sanders

        “Not even 4 full days into my treatment with @HobbsRehab at @BramshottGrange and I feel so                       much better already. Fantastic staff and facilities on both counts and for once my tiredness is down               to genuine effort and not simply boredom and frustration. I can walk again independently!

Ted, Bramshott Grange (Intensive Residential Rehabilitation)

I am currently finishing an 8 week intensive residential rehabilitation course with Hobbs, where the physiotherapy is delivered by a very experienced team. In my time here I have seen them do some remarkable work. They take a great care to deliver first class services not affected by the criteria that the NHS supplies currently. I was asked by a senior NHS Physiotherapists if I was enjoying by physiotherapy here and my answer is that I don’t enjoy mountain trekking but when you stand at the top each day and you can see where you have come from in that day then you enjoy that view and that progression. They offer a 7 day service considering their client base holistically. Here I have seen much hands-on work including stretching and massage as well as work on a wide variety of equipment. In my opinion this is an absolutely first class service in a first class facility and I would wholeheartedly and unequivocally recommend it to anyone who needs the kind of inpatient service that is not available locally at any other facility.

Robert Page
‒ Residential Inpatient Service

“ My stepfather R. Wood is currently under your care at Abbotswood in Romsey. My family and I visited R. for lunch and I attended a physio session with him afterwards. This was with one of your colleagues called Amie. I think she is amazing at her job and it is reassuring to know that the physio R. is receiving is highly professional.
Amy had clearly studied R.'s medical notes because it wasn't until the end of the session when she said 'it was nice to meet you' to R. that I realised this was their first session together. I was amazed. The way in which Amie tended to R. came across as if he had been a client for years. It was very clear from the outset that Amie understood the individual in front of her and the session was bespoke to R.'s needs from the very start. Her manner and approach were spot on and despite the potential awkwardness that these scenarios can bring she made the session very comfortable. She was clear in her instructions and we all knew where we stood.

R. Wood
‒ message from his stepson

“ Robbie had always had a limp, being mildly hemiplegic, but the pain in his right ankle had reached a point where it was difficult to even walk short distances. Hobbs physiotherapists realised he had worn away a lot of the cartilage in his ankle from years of uneven walking. There was a high chance that he would need surgery.
However we embarked on weekly physio sessions and Robbie saw one of our excellent orthotists. He was able to position Robbie's right ankle so he could walk on cartilage again. With intensive input from physio, and doing what he was told at home in terms of exercises, he improved and the pain in his ankle became less noticeable. "The physios at Hobbs were always friendly and encouraging. I wouldn’t need an operation after all."
Robbie's appointments are now less frequent and he regularly goes to the gym. He is keen to continue coming for physio at Hobbs where he can get advice from the experts on maintaining his mobility. He also feels obliged to keep exercising between physio sessions so that he doesn't disappoint his physio!
According to Robbie, there has been unexpected benefits to physio. He has improved his fitness, and by extension his emotional wellbeing. Advice on posture means that he had to start standing taller. It sounds odd, but he genuinely believes people now take him more seriously at work. Most importantly Hobbs input has allowed him to keep up with his three children.
"I enjoy playing on the beach with them and going on walks. When my 5 year old gets tired I can carry her on my shoulders and keep going. I feel very lucky and just wish everyone who could benefit had access to the super team at Hobbs Rehab."


“ Ed sustained a traumatic spinal cord injury in April 2017, following a diving accident which resulted in a C7 AIS-D spinal cord injury. After 11.5 weeks in hospital, he was receiving 3 x 45 minute sessions per week in a specialist centre, which was not sufficient for his rehabilitation needs. He sourced additional therapy through Hobbs Rehabilitation during his inpatient stay.

Ed was keen to leave hospital, return home to his family and friends and continue his rehabilitation at the intensity he required to optimise his recovery. He has been fortunate to be supported by multiple charities and blogs about his experiences at:

It’s an inspiring read and depicts a rehab journey in its entirety.

Ed's story

“ Jemima is 28 and had a serious car accident in 2015 resulting in a complete spinal cord injury. Paralyzed from the waist down, Jemima has struggled with the reality of her injuries and, having been an Eventer before the accident, has used that ambition and determination to motivate her through the tough times.

For Jemima, rehabilitation is a full-time commitment and the results speak for themselves. She is working with the Para Dressage GB coach and hopes to start training properly shortly. Jemima credits her strength training and rehab progression for making this possible.

She has weekly neurological and sports physiotherapy, trains in the Eksobionics exoskeleton, does pilates and rides 3-4 times every week… There’s an awful lot of strength required for that!

But it doesn’t end there… Rehab matters so much to Jemima that she had landed herself a day job. She is now a UK ambassador for the Eksobionics exoskeleton, travelling the UK and beyond showcasing the benefits of the Ekso as a rehab tool.

As if this wasn’t enough, she represented Eksobionics at the Run In The Dark 5k event held by the Mark Pollock Trust at Battersea Park in November. Catch her blog at to follow her progress!

Jemima's story

“ Joe is 23 and has spastic quadreplegia cerebral palsy. He was first assessed by Hobbs 4 years ago and has not looked back…

Joe is a resident at Enham Trust, a disability charity based in North Hampshire. Joe required a hoist for all transfers and used an electric wheelchair for indoor and outdoor mobility. Through working with occupational therapists and physiotherapists, as well as therapy assistants and support staff working at Enham Trust, Joe improved his strength and flexibility so that he was able to stand using a ReTurn (standing aid) for all his transfers.

After achieving these goals, Joe was keen to keep progressing and has now managed to walk with assistance of 2 therapists with a Meywalker.

He had not walked since he was a small child.

Joe decided to celebrate this by taking part in Parallel London this year, where he was supported by the Hobbs team to complete the 100m event, cheered on by his sister and his dog. A massive achievement!

Joe’s goal now is to walk with the assistance of 1 with the Meywalker, so now he can walk in his flat with the carers. Rehab really matters to Joe!

Joe's story

“ I first met Michelle at Hobbs physiotherapy on Christmas Eve 2012.
I could only stand with a handling belt, and I had to be taken in my wheelchair into Hobbs, we discussed what my wants/expectations were and where I wanted to end up.

After all the paperwork was done Michelle started her assessment of me and she made me feel comfortable and not so conscious of my disabilities. She got me to take a few very nervous steps with my walking stick, and these were my first independent steps.

The future wasn't as frightening as I thought and it gave me confidence to face it. It has not been an easy road and there have been dark times for me as I made progress.

I am starting to walk with a walking pole and have found that I need to have goals to aim for no matter how small. My targets for this year include driving for the first time in over 6 years, generally improving and getting more independence.

Michelle and the rest of the team at Hobbs have been very supportive during my time here. I am on a path and don't know where or when it will end. I have nothing but respect for Hobbs and their ability. Hobbs say you have to put a lot of time & effort into your recovery but Michelle/Hobbs are a part of my ongoing recovery.

I can't thank them enough for seeing past the shell that I was and getting me to this stage. I will keep fighting the effects of my strokes.

Mark's story

“ Four months after my stroke I was discharged from hospital in a wheelchair, unable to walk, with the doctor's words that I'd not achieve anything ringing in my ears. After four months of Hobbs' dedicated encouragement and hard work, I can now walk with a zimmer (with help) and my mobility is continuing to improve with every session. I am getting my life back thanks to Hobbs.

Tony Perry

“ It's a wonderful resource to have on our doorstep, and is testimony to the vision of chartered physiotherapists Helen Hobbs and Nicky Ellis. Anyone who has visited Hobbs will not only wonder at the dedication and expertise of its team, but the 'can-do' attitude and positivity it emanates. It's a truly inspiring place for those unfortunate enough to need its services.

Editor, The Hampshire Chronicle

“ I just want to say how grateful we all are that you passed the information on to us about the Hobbs Rehabilitation centre at Enham, Weyhill as with its residential facilities, it makes it so much easier for Penny to get top quality treatment without the problems of booking into a hotel or guest house.

The physiotherapists there have been fantastic, so friendly, cheerful and in particular the manner in which they spoke always to Penny, not to us, so that Penny felt that she was in control of everything that was going on. They have even talked to Penny's doctor in Braunton, to see what can be arranged for ongoing back up physiotherapy. A credit to the profession.

My own feeling is that this was a real success and that if we can arrange some ongoing treatment locally together with occasional shorter visits to Weyhill, Penny will see a real change in her quality of life. Heaven knows she is due some. Many, many thanks from all of us.

‒ Enham Trust, Andover

“ Hobbs Rehabilitation's link with the Rugby Football Union's Injured Players Foundation saw me referred to Helen Hobbs and her team after 5 months in hospital after my spinal cord injury. I count myself extremely lucky to be able to work with Helen and her fantastic team of neurological physiotherapists who are all professional, dedicated and passionate about their patients. The treatment I have received has been absolutely magnificent and I most definitely would not be in the position I am today and continuing to improve had I not had further physiotherapy with Hobbs Rehabilitation. The approach is always pragmatic and clear and you can be sure that they will challenge you to improve in each and every session. I am totally blown away by the effort and positive mindset of the team at Hobbs and despite my spinal cord injury leading to certain limitations in my physical ability I am always made to work hard to strive to recover as much as possible. Hobbs Rehabilitation has really made a substantial, positive difference to my recovery, I wouldn't hesitate whatsoever to recommend them to anybody. Simply fantastic!

Inpatient testimonial
‒ Oaksey House, Lambourn

We would as a family, like to thank you both for all your help, enrouragement and patience. Your teaching aids and ideas have made a huge difference in our lives.

Stuart & Margaret Mitchell & family
‒ for Speech & Language Therapy

“ These people are literally putting me back together after my car crash, after visiting other centres and almost giving up hope that I'd ever find the right help... I was lucky enough to be told about Hobbs! Thank my lucky stars for them!

‒ for Hobbs South East

“ Outstanding physiotherapy. Professional, knowledgeable, conscientious. Highly recommended.

‒ for Hobbs South West

“ As a retired doctor who has a wide, first hand experience of physiotherapy in the USA and the UK after a spinal cord injury, I know that there is none better than Hobbs Rehabilitation.

PHS Winchester
‒ for our Specialist Spinal Cord Injury Service

“ Hobbs are a fantastic company for the sheer determination, dedication, ethusiasm and love of their clients. I have so much admiration for the physios there.

‒ for Hobbs South East

“ Great service and everyone is really helpful. Spent 3 weeks here and my walking has definitely improved.

‒ for Hobbs at Abbotswood Court