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Hobbs Rehabilitation are an independent provider of specialist neurological rehabilitation services for adults & children. We offer a range of inpatient, outpatient & community services across a number of different centres across the south of England.

We accept self-referrals and referrals from Consultants, General Practitioners, other Health Care Professionals and Case Managers.


Hobbs Inpatient Rehabilitation provides intensive treatment programmes from experts in neurological physiotherapyoccupational therapyspeech and language therapy, CBT, psychology including clinical neuropsychology plus a specialist Spinal Cord Injury Service.

Inpatient neurological rehabilitation is available at Bramshott Grange, LiphookOaksey House, Berkshire, and Hobbs Rehabilitation South West, Somerset. Each centre has its own admissions criteria and for more information.

Intensive treatment programmes provide up to four hours of therapy per day including a weekend service at Bramshott Grange, Liphook. Professionals from across the whole team will assess, identify and tailor a course of treatment designed for each individual. 

The service aims to assess all the different aspects of an individual's care and rehabilitation needs, which will be continually updated throughout their stay. As well as the co-ordination of the rehabilitation programme, we work in partnership with the individual, family and carers to address the long-term goals and ensure a smooth transition to the home environment. Working together as a team, realistic expectations can be clearly defined and agreed.

Inpatient Locations

• Berkshire  Bournemouth  Liphook • Somerset • Surrey


We have an extensive range of outpatient services available delivered by a team across the south of England. We provide an interdisciplinary service including neurological physiotherapyoccupational therapyspeech and language therapy, rehabilitation medicine, neuropsychology and orthotics to help ensure that every individual can reach their full potential.

Our specialist services include:

Outpatient Locations

• Bristol • Dorset • Liss  Lymington • Salisbury • Somerset • Winchester

Hobbs Rehabilitation has access to the latest in neurotechnology, such as the Mollii Suit,  Eksobioncs Exoskeleton, and the LiteGait partial weight bearing device, all of which are useful adjuncts to your rehabilitation programme and can significantly enhance the results achieved.

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