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Alex Danson-Bennett

Alex Danson-Bennett, team GB Hockey Captain, injured herself on holiday and has been unable to play hockey since...

Tags: #mTBI #Liss #VestibularRehab

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My wife suffered a severe stroke at the tender age of 46. As you can imagine this came as a massive shock to us all especially as she didn't participate in any of the things you may associate with a stroke...

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Ed Jackson

Ed Jackson was a professional rugby player for ten years before he sustained a traumatic spinal cord injury, following a diving accident - which resulted in a C7 AIS-D spinal cord injury...

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Jemima Green

Jemima had a serious car accident resulting in a T10 complete spinal cord injury. Paralyzed from the waist down with severe abdominal injuries she struggled with the reality of her new circumstances...

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John has been coming for regular outpatient physiotherapy at Hobbs South East ever since his spinal cord injury in 2015. We have worked together with the NHS community and short stay inpatient services to increase the intensity of his rehabilitation...

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John S

In August, John was running a successful 11+ education company with wife, Jan, and was outside with some pupils playing football during breaktime, when he fell and hit his head hard on the ground. He got up but immediately dropped to the floor and the Caretaker who witnessed the incident could see an ambulance was needed...

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Preschool teacher Kylie had a bleed in the basal ganglia: an area of the brain where the blood vessels are particularly small and narrow, making them much more vulnerable to tearing or blocking...

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Paul was a keen cyclist and someone who loved to cook - the chef of the house! He was an active professional electrical engineer with no underlying health issues when he fell victim to a stroke...

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