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Older People Service

At Hobbs Rehabilitation we offer personalised respite and rehabilitation packages for older people who are looking to regain their independence and reduce their care needs. Download our leaflet here.

Our Older People service is tailored specifically for those in their later years to enable them to retain their independence and address areas of concern such as falls, safety in the home, accessing social activities or improving their confidence. Our client-centred rehabilitation packages can be provided at home, in the community or at Hobbs Winchester.

Hobbs’ team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and speech and language therapists provide personalised interventions in the form of rehabilitation at home, active respite in a care home environment, or exercise classes held in the community.

We believe that small changes can make a big difference. For the cost of one week in a care home, a specialist rehabilitation package could be provided to increase strength, independence and safety in your own home.

Older People Assessment & Treatment

  • Assessment and treatment of functional skills involved in everyday living, such as personal care, household tasks, hobbies and interests
  • Assessment and treatment of mobility difficulties and advice on mobility aids
  • Identification, trial and recommendation of specialist equipment, environmental adaptations and assistive technology at home
  • Advice on falls reduction and prevention
  • Education and advice on activities of daily living to improve confidence and independence
  • Identify and enable access to appropriate community activities
  • A holistic approach with input available from occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech & language therapists, psychologists, orthotists and fitness professionals

Exercise Classes

  • Exercise classes in the community, including a thorough assessment and personalised exercise programme for each client.


Our exercise classes runn from St. Mary Bourne and Hurstbourne Tarrant Village Halls in Andover and Easton Village Hall in Winchester

Older Adults exercise class, which is a circuit based physiotherapy-led format, involves an assessment from a Physiotherapist pre-starting the class so that the exercises can be adapted to individuals and any medical concerns can be discussed. We will also complete our Functional Fitness MOT which is a fun set of outcome measures which will allow us to monitor your progress whilst attending a block of sessions. 

Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing class encompasses gentle movements to help improve wellbeing, balance and mobility and is run by our personal trainer.

Cost of these sessions - £45 for an hour Physiotherapy Assessment and between £8-£10 for each exercise class. We ask you to pay for a block of 6 sessions up front but you can use these when convenient to you

Current Exercise Classes

Monday - St Mary Bourne Village Hall – classes at 9am / 10am/ 11.15am

Tuesday - St Mary Bourne Village Hall – class at 9am  

Wednesday - Hurstbourne Tarrant Village Hall – classes at 11.30am / 12.30pm

Thursday - Easton Village Hall – class at 11.30am

Coming soon – Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing


  • We believe in 'active respite' where respite care goes hand-in hand with therapeutic intervention.  Respite is an opportunity to focus on and improve functional skills which may have become a challenge.  Our specialist team are available to visit you in your chosen care facility or at our luxurious home-from-home setting, Bramshott Grange, Liphook

Dementia Assessment & Support Service

  • Have you been diagnosed with dementia or a mild cognitive impairment?

We can offer a combined Neuropsychology and Occupational Therapy service, providing assessment, advice and recommendations together with ongoing support for you and your family.

Hobbs Functional Fitness MOT

  • Our MOT is a person centred tool that uses a number of different physical function assessments to give older people an idea of how their physical function compares to that of their peers
  • Hobbs are using a template that was created by LaterLife Training and Glasgow Caledonian University in 2011, which was designed to highlight the different components of fitness necessary for older adults to maintain independent living.

The functional fitness MOT will test the following:

  • Lower limb strength & endurance
  • Lower body flexibility
  • Upper body flexibility
  • Mobility & agility
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Endurance


For more information, please email olderpeople@hobbsrehabilitation.co.uk or telephone 01962 779796.

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