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MiNT at Rehab Tech Summit, California



MiNT launches the MiNT Academy; an innovative educational platform for clinicians and presents opportunity for neurotech companies to collaborate.

The Rehab Tech Summit is a virtual summit featuring talks by industry leaders and rehabilitation professionals in the health tech space. The summit not only aims to spread information, but to promote connection, through one of the many live virtual events held throughout the summit. Attendees are able to join the summit from anywhere and watch sessions on demand. This year's summit will kick-off with "The Neuro Edition" on March 4-5, 2022.

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Hobbs will deliver a 45 minute presentation followed by a live Q&A session: The Masterclass in Neurotechnology (MiNT). 

MiNT will be outlined as an empowering educational platform for therapists, by specialist Neurological Clinicians from Hobbs Rehabilitation, UK, as we introduce MiNT Academy, an innovative new clinical educational platform and inspire clinicians to apply technology through clinical reasoning to reinforce evidence based practice and drive neuroplasticity. We will also outline the training pathway to becoming a Device Specialist and explore a research framework for clinically relevant product development.

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