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MyoPro Powered Orthosis: Clinic Screening Day set for 8th Feb 2021


Hobbs Rehabilitation, with The Dorset Orthopaedic Orthotic team, are running a screening clinic on              8th February 2021 at the Dorset Orthopaedic Egham, Surrey Clinic. 

During the appointment a full history and examination will take place together with a trial of a MyoPro device.  A brief written report together with photos and videos and costs will be provided.

What is a MyoPro?
MyoPro® is a powered orthosis (brace) designed to help restore function to arms and hands paralysed or weakened by CVA stroke, brachial plexus injury, cerebral palsy or other neurological or neuromuscular disease or injury. MyoPro is a breakthrough in modern medical robotics that may help restore an individual’s ability to perform activities of daily living.

It works by sensing the weak muscle signals from the surface of the skin (no implants) then activating tiny motors to move the arm and hand just as intended.
While there are many prosthetic products for those who have lost their arms, hands or legs, and while there are orthotic products to support weak legs, MyoPro is the only product on the market to help restore function for those who still have their arms and hands but are unable to use them.

The MyoPro is not available through the NHS but Hobbs, together with Dorset Orthopaedic, are the first organisations in the UK to work with the device.  Together, Hobbs and Dorset Orthopaedic are a centre of excellence with the MyoPro, providing clinical support to purchasers of the device and also offering a rehabilitation service, where non purchasers are able to use the device intensively on an outpatient basis.

General criteria for patient selection for this clinic is as follows:

  • No significant contractures at the hand, wrist, or elbow.
  • At least a trace of EMG in the biceps and forearm flexors.
  • Manageable shoulder pain or subluxation.
  • If you have a stroke patient with a spastic (tone) arm, the Ashworth needs be at 2 or better for the hand, and 3 or better at the elbow.
  • Good cognition, able to follow a two or three step command.
  • Body size is about 5' tall and 100 lbs up to about 6"3" and 220 lbs / Body size is about 150cm tall and 45Kg up to about 190cm and 100Kg.
  • Note that patients with some active ROM at the shoulder do better for function.​

As with all our legal and case manager referred appointments with MyoPro, these are free of charge.  Longer trials are available at Hobbs Rehabilitation following the screening before moving forward with the bespoke MyoPro device.

If you have a client who may benefit from attending this day please contact Hobbs Rehabilitation at treatment@hobbsrehabilitation.co.uk or 01962 779796, or alternatively at Dorset Orthopaedics, either Sue Hughes (London, South East, South West) or Nicki Hodson-Walker (Midlands, North) on the contact numbers below or email enquiries@dorset-ortho.com.
Sue Hughes – 07498 026088
Nicki Hodson-Walker – 01283 227896 

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