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Hobbs at forefront of Stroke recovery with 3 year AiBle Project


Hobbs is at the forefront of Stroke recovery research and development, working as part of a multi partner 3 year cross channel project, AiBle, which is being led by the University of Portsmouth. 

Hobbs' role is provide the clinical testing and trialling in collaboration with the French team at the Brest University Hospital Centre. We are excited to work in this important role and it is an opportunity for us to bring our own patients to the trial and enable them to use the prototype technology as well as providing much needed data. 

We are providing the clinical relevance to the cloud engineering team so that we have the relevant data which will mean that the robot is a meaningful rehabilitation tool.  We also are working with the enginneers building the robot to advise on patient specificity; positioning, stability, weight of a typical arm affected by stroke etc. 

Because we have a lot of experience working with a vast array of neurotechnology and many devices across a number of years, we are able to add unrivalled value to the project. Our depth and breadth of knowledge as clinicians working with patients using VR games as part of their rehabilitation also enables us to inform the project with real examples and feedback from clinicans and patients which will help in the design of the games themselves, bringing functional relevance and ensuring the games are meaningful and engaging to patients.

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