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100 times better than he thought it would be; it's an OT triumph!


Over the past year and a half, Occupational Therapist Rhi Cross has been helping tetraplegic patient Dale, who broke his neck playing rugby 3 years ago, to get an adapted farm vehicle. After help in funding the adaptation from the RFU Injured Players Foundation, we were able to get in touch with Avant and Adaptacar, who were willing to create a solution to enable Dale to get back to farming. 

Rhi explains; "This project has been one of the highlights of my career. It is an amazing example of how occupational therapy can help people to defy even their own expectations after a life-changing injury.

When Dale first came to us for intensive rehabilitation, he was sceptical about the benefits of occupational therapy. After weeks of hard work, he was able to write his own name, drink a pint and manage a number of daily tasks independently. Needless to say, we had won him over to the joys of OT!

Throughout the process of finding and adapting the Avant Loader, I have really enjoyed working with Dale, the RFU Injured Players Foundation, Avant and Adaptacar. It involved multiple visits to Devon to assess Dale for the vehicle and to advise on the adaptations required to enable him to use it independently. Seeing him using it on the farm reinforces what a privilege it is to be an OT."

– Rhi Cross, Occupational Therapist

Here's Avant's article on the creation of the adapted vehicle:

Congratulations from all at Hobbs Rehabilitation Dale!

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