Independent Provider Of Specialist Neurological Rehabilitation Services

NEW Neurotechnology available at Hobbs!


We have a specialist technology lead looking into all the latest products on the market. We are able to assess patients and advise on suitable innovative solutions to help the progress of our clients. 

We are now a training and assessment centre for the Mollii Suit, an electrical stimulation suit which can be used at home as an on-going treatment and which has shown promising results in our trials so far.

We have one of the first GM Eksobionic exoskeletons in the UK and a fully trained team offering assessment and extensive treatment packages. We will also have the Rewalk exoskeleton available at Hobbs South West shortly.

Equipment we are working with includes Mollii, Mira,  different FES systems, upper and lower limb FES bikes, Litegait, and upper limb technology.

We are proud to be leading the field in this area, conducting several clinical trials and case studies as part of our commitment to putting you at the centre of your care.


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