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Neurotechnology at Hobbs Rehabilitation

Please click on the menu to see the range of devices available: Robotics, De-weighting, FES (Functional Electical Stimulation) Sensor-based & VR, and more details of our Intensive Neurotherapy Service in Bristol.  

Hobbs is at the forefront of trialing and embedding the use of technology into clinical practice. Hobbs currently uses a range of different types of technology that include robotics (involving a range of exoskeletons); functional electrical stimulation; sensor-based systems; de-weighting systems, virtual rehabilitation, as well as tele-swallowing, speech, and COGMED programmes. Hobbs was the first clinic in the UK to use the Ekso bionics exoskeleton within its rehabilitation programme five years ago and is the only company working in partnership with Dorset Orthopaedics to adopt the MyoPro powered arm brace. 

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