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Our first MINT event of 2019 is now live! 

With a focus on upper limb neuro technology, the event will be run in Bristol on 9th March, 9:30am-4pm

To book your place now, please visit our Eventbrite page at:

What is MINT?

MINT (Masterclass in Neuro Technology) unites clinicians, researchers, engineers, technology experts and patients who use the devices as part of their rehabilitation.  

A series of brand new, innovative educational events heralds a progressive, ambitious drive to bring clinical experience into the product design stage of neuro technology rather than the end-user stage.

Conferences, workshops, presentations and practical sessions allow for a range of opportunities to get involved with differing areas of interest and specialities.


Feedback from #MINT18:

“A fantastic event, taking the fear out of neurotech and great opportunity for learning and networking.”

“Fantastic theoretical underpinnings covering a broad range of interesting, relevant topics. Speed dating! A great idea and perfect length as an introduction. Very well organised and chaired.”

The aim is that we can get in at the development stage so that the end products are clinically relevant and have benefitted from the input of real patients and clinical device specialists who can demonstrate the issues and problems in real time and influence better product design and effectiveness.  The results will be better neuro technology which clinicians have helped to create for patients who have the opportunity to try out and improve the usefulness of the devices.