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LSVT LOUD Programme 

What is the LSVT LOUD Programme? 

The Lee Silverman Voice Therapy is research-based speech treatment for people with Parkinson's, which targets unique communication goals of each person. The techniques result in improved impact on multiple levels of functioning in people with PD following treatment including: 

  • Increased vocal Loudness
  • Improved articulation and speech intelligibility‚Äč
  • Improved intonation
  • Improvement in facial expression
  • Changes in neural functioning relating to voice and speech

What does it involve?

LSVT LOUD Therapy consists of

  1. 16 sessions: 4 consecutive days a week for 4 weeks
  2. Individual 1 hour sessions
  3. Daily homework practice
  4. Daily carryover execises

Treatment can be delivered face-to-face or via telepractice.

‚ÄčEarly speech therapy intervention is recommended, please contact a LSVT trained member of the Hobbs Speech therapy Team to discuss further.

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