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What is the IQoro® - how can it treat so many different problems? 

The IQoro®s a neuromuscular training device and regime that addresses the following conditions: 

  • Dysphagia; eating and swallowing difficulties
  • Snoring, sleep apnea
  • Hiatus hernia
  • Dribbling and drooling
  • Muscle weakness and paralysis in the face, mouth and throat
  • Speech sound difficulties
  • Abnormal bite and jaw development

How does it work?

Training with the IQoro® activates the body's own pre-programmed systems – through a natural chain of nerves and muscles – from the mouth to the brain, to the stomach.  This explains why IQoro has an effect both on the brain plasticity (i.e. ability to regenerate and restructure) and on the internal and external muscles. Thus IQoro, in a simple and effective way, addresses problems with our most basic and vital functions such as to breathe, eat, swallow, talk and smile. All these functions rely on the same muscles and nerves, but in slightly different ways, and thus IQoro is used successfully to treat a wide range of conditions.

  • Easy to use
  • 90 Seconds of training per day
  • Scientifically proven effect
  • Referenced by N.I.C.E

Exercise takes 30 seconds per session, three times per day – 1½ minutes per day in total. This training makes it possible to strengthen the muscles and to improve and regain the brain’s control over them, depending upon the root cause of the muscle weakness.

Who can benefit from using it?

Adults and children who have any of the issues described above may benefit from IQoro.  The individual can treat themselves, or, if this will be difficult because of arm weakness or cognitive difficulties, treatment can be provided by trained family members or carers.

  • Stroke – paralysis, pre-oral, oral and pharyngeal dysphagia – Treatment with IQoro after stroke, for a 5 to 13 week period, has been shown to have an enduring effect on swallowing difficulties, paralysis in the face and throat and postural control. Even those with long-standing problems can be helped:

​ - 97 % of patients improve their swallowing abilities.                                                                                                                                     - 63 % regain normal swallowing capacity.                                                                                                                                                       - In the best cases, paralysis is completely eliminated or improved in all four face quadrants, and a more symmetrical face, with increased control, is achieved.                                                                                                                                                                             - Postural control is significantly improved with enduring effect.

  • Dysphagia - eating and swallowing disorders – Treats the causes of dysphagia: not just the symptoms. 
  • Snoring, sleep apnoea - Strengthens slack musculature in the tongue, soft palate, pharynx and air pathways. 
  • Hiatus hernia – Addresses the underlying causes of reflux, LPR, heartburn, sensation of a ‘lump in the chest’ or throat, persistent dry cough.
  • Drooling – Improves muscle strength in the lips, face and oral cavity.  
  • Paralysis of the face, mouth and throat – Strengthens the musculature, and improves or restores the brain's control over these functions after central brain injury (stroke).
  • The ability to make speech sounds – People with indistinct speech improve their ability through strengthening the musculature in the oral cavity. 
  • Bite- and jaw development – IQoro can be used as a preventative measure to optimise the conditions for normal face-, bite, and jaw development during the growing years from 1½ years old. IQoro can also eliminate bite abnormalities like open bite, high and narrow palate, and overbite.

What services do Hobbs offer?

Assessment with IQoro is now available at all our Hobbs sites as part of a Speech and Language Therapy session.  If IQoro is felt to be beneficial, clients will need to purchase their own device for ongoing treatment.

More information about IQoro, the research behind, it and advice on treatment protocols can be found at www.iqoro.com

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