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Intensive Neurotherapy Service

The exciting development of assistive neurotechnology and robotics has allowed clinicians to significantly increase the number of repetitions achieved during sessions and improve patient outcomes when therapy is given over a shorter period of time. As evidence-based practice shows, the level of intensity is clinically proven to improve functional change if at least an extra 240% rehabilitation is delivered daily. However, success can only be achieved with expert application tailored to each individual and their desired outcomes alongside conventional therapy.

It takes 400 to 600 repetitions of one movement to try and retrain the brain. With therapy alone, you may only achieve 30 repetitions in a one-hour session but using neurotechnology in a targeted way to influence the right type of change to the central nervous system, you can start to see positive changes in as little as two weeks of intensive therapy. This means that you can potentially achieve your personal therapy goals – whether that be to bake a cake, get back on the golf course, drive your car, hug a grandchild or return to work – by engaging in periods of intensive therapy compared to weekly sessions over a period of months, or even years.

In the short to medium term, you’ll be able to achieve your agreed personal goals sooner and get your life back to as near normal as possible. Longer term, the cost of ongoing care and treatment will potentially be reduced, if it’s even needed at all. However, success can only be achieved with expert application tailored to each individual and their desired outcomes alongside conventional therapy.

Our team use their direct experience and clinical knowledge using the latest and most advanced assistive technologies and robotics to dramatically increase repetitive movements that facilitate your rehabilitation. 

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Our intensive outpatient treatment packages typically range from 40 to 80 hours over a four-to-eight-week period but are entirely dependent on your individual circumstances and goals. 
We work with you from the outset to design a flexible programme that best suits your needs and desired outcomes, taking into account where you are in your recovery pathway and whether we need to factor in resting periods to avoid fatigue. 
Most importantly, our intensive rehabilitation programmes are designed to be fun, stimulating and engaging, motivating you to push yourself and achieve results that will reward you in the real-world. 

This blended programme of treatment and support is tailored to every individual and provides higher-dose therapy to optimise progress and recovery timeframes.

By putting you at the centre of your own care, we use our advanced understanding of neuroplasticity, clinical experience in delivering intensive intervention and bespoke courses of rehabilitation to help you reach your full potential more rapidly. 
It is a holistic people-led service using the best available neurotechnology and tailored application to enhance results. 

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