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What is Teleswallowing®?

Since 2018, Hobbs Rehabilitation have been providing Teleswallowing®   - an innovative way to remotely assess our patients’ swallowing, as part of our Speech Therapy contract with West Hampshire CCG. 

 What does it involve?

Dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) is a frequent consequence of neurological disease particularly following stroke and in the end stage of dementia and so is common among care home residents. Having identified specific nursing homes, we train the nurses there to assist us in the assessment of a resident’s swallow, to Foundation Dysphagia Practitioner level.  Assessments are then conducted over secure video link.

The patient gets seen more quickly, the nurses are learning more about dysphagia, and the community speech therapist is on the road less, saving the environment! Instead of taking 2 hours to travel to a nursing home and see 1 patient, we can see 4 patients through Teleswallowing® in that same time frame. 

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