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Fourier M2 Robot

What is the Fourier M2 Robot?

The M2 Robot is a robotic, height adjustable workstation that provides upper limb rehabilitation using four therapy modes:

  • Passive for those unable to move their arm by themselves and who need the robot to carry out relevant movement patterns
  • Assistive for those who have some movement but are unable to complete training tasks without assistance. The robot senses the intention and assists the completion of the desired training task
  • Active for individuals who have weak muscles in their upper limb but who are able to complete training tasks without assistance
  • Restistive training is suitable for patients whose treatment plan requires their affected upper limb to function against added resistance

The device interacts with the upper limb through the hand and forearm, using a control stick, with straps for the hand and a gutter support at the forearm. The device uses motors in two planes and a haptic feedback system to enable the robot to support/challenge the user.

How does it work?

The M2 Robot is what is known as an “end effector” device, which means that it controls the motion of the body through the connection to the hand rather than at each joint of the upper limb separately. The device uses the control stick connected to the workstation as a means for an individual to use their upper limb to participate in engaging therapy games on a screen which require movements of the arm in two planes. Sensors within the device are able to monitor movement efforts and can assist/resist these as appropriate for the training task.​

Who can benefit from using it?

Individuals who have upper limb impairments at the elbow and shoulder girdle, such as weakness, increased muscle tone, poor co-ordination, abnormal movement patterns and poor endurance. The device is not simply a tool to retrain posture/movements of the arm, it can also be used to help improve postural stability, alignment in the trunk and leg(s) along with balance, which is required as a background for normal arm function.

What services do Hobbs offer?

At present the M2 Robot is only available for inpatients of the Bramshott Grange at Liphook, or outpatients who have been resident at this centre.

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