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With a strong background in teaching and a passion for clinical excellence, the leadership team at Hobbs Rehabilitation are able to provide an extensive post-graduate training programme and many more opportunites for case studies and research projects. Hobbs Rehabilitation regularly hosts external courses and study days which are open to health proffesionals, across a wide variety of proffessions, as well as holding clinical trials that you can get involved with. 

If you live with a neurological condition and would like to get involved in our clinical trials please download and fill out the Research Consent form below and send the completed form to enquiries@themintacademy.co.uk with the subject line Research Consent Form. Alternatively, head to the The MiNT Academy website (Patients Page) for more information.
Download Research Consent form
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We run training sessions for GPs, case managers and legal professionals in 1-3 hour sessions depending on the brief.  Our recent sessions include Vestibular Rehabilitation, Spinal Cord Injuries and the Neurology of Communication. The sessions include a brief reminder of the key elements plus more specific information on who would benefit, what type of rehabilitation is appropriate and what functional benefits are expected as a result.

In addition, we have links with other professional bodies and teaching facilites which further enhances our position as drivers in neurodevelopment through research projects, pilot studies and case study work, which we have presented internationally.

We also provide a national training service for new and innovative equipment such as the AlterG Bionic Leg and the Eksobionics Exoskeleton and plan to develop this aspect of our offering further in the coming years.

The MiNT Academy

Bridging the gap between Industry, Practitioners and Patients, The MiNT Academy aims to identify and overcome the challenges which limit the implementation of technology into clinical practice. The MiNT Academy offers clinical consultancy packages, clinical education and clinical trails.

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