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The DIEGO®  forms part of the Tyromotion range of technology-based therapeutic rehabilitation devices. 

DIEGO® is the most advanced and most versatile arm-shoulder rehabilitation device worldwide. Intelligent gravity compensation, robotics and virtual reality facilitate the training to regain lost arm motor function.

The robot works unilaterally or bilaterally to support the arms against gravity, allowing the client to explore movement in a different plain, using multiple muscles around the shoulder to achieve tasks.

How does it work?  

The DIEGO® system is a robotic arm-shoulder therapy system for the rehabilitation of patients with limited arm function. The device can measure upper limb range of movement and support functional arm therapy. The device provides distal support, allowing proximal initiation of movement, which facilitates natural sequences of motion and task specific training at a low functional level and within the individual limits of performance.

DIEGO® offers a three-dimensional range of movement and allows a cooperative, simultaneous training of both arms. By individually positioning the patient with the back to or facing the screen the therapist has a whole range of new therapeutic approaches to choose from.

Who can benefit from using it?

Individuals with impaired hand function resulting from neurological injury such as stroke, head injury or spinal cord injury. The DIEGO® can be used at all stages of the rehabilitation journey.

What services do Hobbs offer?

The DIEGO® is available at Hobbs Bristol as part of the intensive upper limb service.  The device forms part of the rehabilitation programme for upper limb weakness. It is usually used in conjunction with conventional upper limb Neurophysiotherapy rather than in isolation. It is often used in partnership with other Tyromotion devices – PABLO®, TYMO® and AMADEO®.

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