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Couple Neuropsychology

Dr Sabah Khan (Clinical Psychologist in Neuropsychology & Couple Psychotherapist)

Why might you meet with a neuropsychologist as a couple?

Adjusting to a neurological condition can put strain on your couple relationship. There may be changes in roles, identity, and sex and intimacy that can lead to a disconnection – one partner feels they become a carer, and can experience stress and burnout, while the partner with the condition can feel a lack of independence, shame, and reduced levels of personal control and gradually withdraw. 

You might have had differences earlier in your relationship history that might be exacerbated as a consequence of the neurological condition and contribute towards further distress, low mood, anxiety and anger.  Alternatively, you may be preparing for the next transition in your life as a couple and need space to plan and manage this period. This specialist neuro-couple service is for you and your partner to be seen together to begin to work in any one of these ways.  

 With fifteen years’ experience working in psychological services across the NHS, private and charitable sectors, predominantly in neurorehabilitation settings, I am a registered Clinical Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and an Associate Fellow and Chartered member with the British Psychological Society. I am also a qualified Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and an Individual Psychodynamic Psychotherapist.  I combine my experience in both neuropsychology and couple psychotherapy to understand the impact of neurological conditions on couple relationships.

What are the aims of being seen together?

  • Provide support and containment in helping you to make optimal adjustment

  • Improve communication and connection between you both

  • Maximise the potential for engagement and activity

  • Develop your shared sense of couple identity and resilience

This service involves carefully thinking about the changes, for both partners, understanding the impact of living with a neurological illness on intimacy, developing communication, establishing how you would both like your relationship to be, particularly, by helping you to strengthen your relationship’s capacity to get through difficult times.
I draw on my specialist neuropsychology expertise to help you make sense of the cognitive, emotional and behavioural/personality changes. In creating space for you both, I specifically enable couples to develop understanding, communication and closeness. 

What is involved in this service?

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If you would like to talk further, or set up an initial consultation, please contact me by emailing  psychology@hobbsrehabilitation.co.uk or via one of the Hobbs team.

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