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Independent Provider Of Specialist Neurological Rehabilitation Services

Clinical Neuropsychology

Clinical Neuropsychology is a branch of clinical psychology specialising in brain-behaviour relationships, neuropsychological dysfunction and acquired brain injury rehabilitation.

The principal roles of the Clinical Neuropsychologists are to provide:

  • detailed assessments of clients’ functioning, in particular their cognitive, behavioural and emotional states
  • cognitive rehabilitation of memory, attention, planning etc. in neurological conditions
  • evidence-based psychological therapies for a range of psychological difficulties 
  • advice, consultation and supervision to other professionals regarding cognitive rehabilitation and clients’ emotional/psychological adjustment
  • assessments of family adjustment and to offer information, advice and support to carers and/or family members where appropriate
  • teaching, training and supervision of other professional staff on the interdisciplinary team 

The Clinical Psychology Service at Hobbs consists of Clinical Neuropsychology, Clinical Health Psychology and Counselling Psychology.  

Dr Ben Papps is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and a Full Practitioner Member of the British Psychological Society's Division of Neuropsychology. He has 15 years experience of working as a specialist clinical neuropsychologist in the field of acquired brain injury and has worked with a wide range of conditions (including mild to profound brain injury, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease). He provides inpatient and outpatient services. He divides his time between working as a Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist in the NHS and working for Hobbs Rehabilitation. 

Please email Ben at for details and enquiries regarding clinical neuropsychology services.

Currently Hobbs is unable to offer a child/paediatric clinical neuropsychology service.