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Child and Parent Counselling 

Child & parent counselling psychology service: consultations for children, young people and parents from Dr Helen Molden (CPsychol) DCPsych MA (Oxon) BSc (Hons) Psych (Open) UKCP

Why might you meet with a psychologist?

Hello, I am a counselling psychologist and integrative psychotherapist with over twenty years’ experience, working in the NHS and the wider community.  My specific expertise is working with children, young people, and parents/carers in families living with a chronic health condition.  

Sometimes talking to a professional like a psychologist, outside of your family, can help to explore when you or your child are experiencing difficulties in life or feel a bit stuck.  

Sessions aim to help the child and parent/carer make sense of life since diagnosis, and how they want life to move forward.  Some of the difficulties families might be facing include:

  • Difficult and ongoing physical health symptoms

  • Stress arising from the illness, diagnosis or treatment

  • Self-esteem, visible difference and appearance issues from a physical illness

  • Loss and grief issues

  • Social anxiety, avoidant behaviour•or friendship problems

  • Depression, low mood, lack of motivation or low confidence

  •          Anxiety, frequent worry or feelings of panic

  • Difficulties arising during a life transition such as moving schools/college

  • Defiant and oppositional behaviour from a family member

  • Sleep disturbance

  • Relationship difficulties caused by a family member who lives with a chronic illness

  • Preparation for medical or surgical procedures 

  • Trauma from previous treatments

I use evidence-based talking therapy rooted in developmental, attachment and neuroscientific theories, and, for younger children, play therapies, to explore and help with distress and emotional regulation. 

During therapy, both individually and in the family system, we focus on strengths and building resilience.   
Please note that I do not offer ASD/ADHD assessments or paediatric neuropsychology services.
Appointments are offered at Hobbs Winchester or online. 

For further information, session availability and costs, please contact helen@psychological.me.uk for an initial discussion.

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