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What is the Bioness Go range?

The Bioness Go Range uses motion detection rather than a footswitch in a range of stimulators for drop foot and thigh stimulation. The basic drop foot stimulator L100 Go can be upgraded with remote control and separate thigh cuff in the L300 Go range. Like its predecessor the L300 Legacy, the L300 Go is a wireless device, very robust and well engineered. It is very simple to get on and off and a range of different electrodes mean that achieving optimal stimulation can be achieved easily for each user. L100 is a simplified version of the L300 for those who do not need to pair their device with a thigh cuff, or who do not need to purchase a remote control. 

How does it work?

Bioness Go range's cuff based stimulators uses 3D Motion detection. A gyroscope and accelerometer is used to monitor movements of the leg and to trigger stimulation at the correct point during the gait cycle. This means a footswitch is no longer required.  A pair of surface electrodes are placed within the cuff to deliver the stimulation to the nerves under the skin. The device settings can be adjusted on the leg cuff itself, though a remote control or phone app can be purchased separately if required. The device can be paired with a second cuff around the thigh if stimulation of the thigh muscles is indicated.

Who can benefit from using it?

People who have suffered a stroke or brain injury, or are living with conditions such as MS, or incomplete paralysis often experience drop foot which can inhibit their ability to walk. The Bioness Go system is designed to lift your foot as you walk, thus improving your gait pattern, making it smoother and safer. It is particularly indicated for those with a hand dysfunction as it is simple to get on and off and allows for easy adjustment of the cuff position to enable optimum electrode placement.

What services do Hobbs Rehabilitation offer?

Week-long trials of the device are available to enable individuals to assess the clinical effects and useability before purchase.

The Bioness L300 Legacy, which uses a foot switch in the shoe rather than 3D motion detection to trigger stimulation. is used in our Inpatient centre at Hobbs Rehabilitation Bramshott Grange, Liphook and our outpatient services as an adjunct to physiotherapy sessions, however it is not available to purchase as it has been replaced by the L300 Go.

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