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Intensive neurotherapy centre opens in Bristol: coverage includes: Med-Tech Innovation,  article on 11/2/21

Jennifer strides on with the help of the Ekso after a riding accident left her paralyzed. Louis Martinelli from Hobbs Rehab tells us in this article why she is making such good progress. Bravo Jenny! 

Journalist Robert Banino interviewed our Ekso lead Louis Martinelli for his artice in BBC Science Focus magazine. "If the patient has had a really severe spinal cord injury, this is the only way to get them up and stepping sufficiently across the room,” he says. “It’s been shown to be really beneficial, particularly for blood pressure management, reducing the risk of vascular diseases, and bladder and bowel function. What I’d like to see is the availability of these pieces of equipment increase because they’re very expensive. For individuals to get access to an exoskeleton is really difficult, maybe a simpler version that was half the price would allow more centres or more places to have them."


Joe was hit by a car in 2013, suffering dehabilitating injuries. With Hobbs' help, Joe was able to use an Ekso Skeleton to walk again. See the coverage online at the Salisbury Journal here.

Jemima's story and her rehabilitation journey has been featured in the Mail Online. 

Read the story here.

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Hobbs was delighted to be asked to contribute to the UK's first high profile, mainstream magazine about brain and spinal injury:  B21 Magazine Issue 1 

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