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Hobbs Rehabilitation provides specialist inpatient and outpatient neurological rehabilitation for adults and children across the south of England as well as training, education and clinical research.

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Adults & Children 

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We are the largest independent sector specialist therapy team in the UK

Hobbs Rehabilitation provides an interdisciplinary service from experts in neurological physiotherapyoccupational therapyspeech and language therapychildren's physiotherapy, rehabilitation medicineneuropsychology and orthotics to help ensure that every individual can reach their full potential.  

We treat a wide variety of neurological conditions including StrokeAcquired Brain Injuries and Spinal Cord Injuries

We accept self-referrals and referrals from Consultants, General Practitioners, other Health Care Professionals and Case Managers.

Hobbs Rehabilitation has access to the latest in neurotechnology such as the MyoPro Robotic Arm DeviceMollii Suit, and exoskeletons such as the Eksobionics Exoskeleton or the ReWalk. Tyromotion's TyroSolution is available at Hobbs Rehabilitation Intensive Neurotherapy Centre (Bristol) while Hobbs Rehabilitation South East (Liss) has the OMEGO® for lower limb rehab. One of our intensive residential facilities Hobbs Rehabilitation Bramshott Grange (Liphook) has the only Fourier M2 Robot in the UK. Other tools such as the LiteGait partial weight bearing device are also available, all of which are useful adjuncts to your rehabilitation programme and can significantly enhance the results you achieve.  

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The MiNT Academy

Bridging the gap between Industry, Practitioners and Patients, The MiNT Academy aims to identify and overcome the challenges which limit the implementation of technology into clinical practice. The MiNT Academy offers clinical consultancy packages, clinical education and clinical trials, head over to the page to read more.

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